Friday, August 29, 2008

Palin? Seriously?

(Updated below.)

Okay, kudos to McCain for finding an Alaskan Republican in who isn't currently facing federal indictment, but beyond that novelty factor, I'm not sure what his choice for running mate gets him.

I suppose there's always the possibility it's a continued attempt to drive a wedge between Obama and disgruntled Hillary supporters (who don't seem much of a factor anymore)--suggesting that McCain was "strong enough for a woman," as the saying goes, but Obama wasn't. But wasting a VP pick just on a low-percentage three-rail shot like that seems like pretty poor strategy. (Certainly it's way too indirect for Karl Rove, who's assumed to have been deeply involved in the GOP Veepstakes.)

And it's definitely not going to make McCain (who turns 72 today, and looks it) seem any less old to put him on stage next to someone in her early 40's--someone younger than Obama, in fact.

Modestly, I can only conclude that McCain must have taken my advice to heart: Given that no post-convention bounce for the GOP ticket was likely anyway, why waste a name Republican?

Unless--once again heeding my judgment--he's making a dive into the grass for the low-information voter, someone who will see the headline MCCAIN PICKS PALIN and think of this:

Update: In the comments, TJ correctly reminds me that Palin's skirts are hardly clean (I refer to the governor, not the Python). The Alaska legislature has authorized investigations into "abuse of power and/or inappropriate actions" by Palin and her office.

In my defense I can only plead extenuating circumstances: I overlooked this because--let's face it--a state-level abuse-of-power investigation is short-season material next to the major league federal-level corruption charges already brought against Stevens. By current Republican standards, Palin is comparatively untarnished.


torridjoe said...

Actually Bill, she's scandal-tainted too. She's under investigation by her own legislature for threatening an agency to fire her brother-in-law.

My best man (who lives in AK) just sent a great coinage of the ticket, given how it seems she was picked almost entirely based on her genitalia:

The Old Man and the She

Nothstine said...

You're right, of course, TJ--Palin's scandal has been dwarfed by the Big Guns of Alaska corruption but it's still out there.

In fairness to her, she's barely been in office a year: There's only so many cookie jars one can get one's finger into in that short amount of time.

But it returns me to the central mystery: Why Palin?


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