Saturday, July 19, 2008

Gordon Smith in three-quarter time

Gordon Smith, like most Republicans, says he's in favor of cutting taxes--but that really isn't so. They're only in favor of reducing those taxes that their big contributors and ideological bunkmates pay. (Case in point.)

As for cutting the taxes you and I pay--well, that's a different matter altogether. To paraphrase Oliver Wendell Holmes, Smith assumes that taxes are the price you and I pay for their civilized society. After all, someone has to keep the money coming for things like this.

Just not any of Smith's friends.

The Democratic Party of Oregon has put together a new video responding to Gordon Smith's latest attempts to play the "tax cut" card:

Nice touch that they picture him in a tuxedo, too. Oregon's economy isn't taking the beating that some other states seem to be facing, but I don't think the power of the "out-of-touch rich guy" meme should be underestimated in this campaign.

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