Sunday, June 22, 2008

The p3 Review of Reviewers

The Arts section of the NYTimes was on a roll today:

First, any movie with both Teri Garr and p3 "It" Girl Illeana Douglas is going to have me at "hello" anyway, but how can you not adore a review that manages to draw a connection between their new flick and "The Conversation?"

Ditto any review that both praises Audrey Meadows and unearths the long-lost homage by Jackie Gleason to French filmmaker Jules Dassin's noir heist classic Rififi.

And finally, what's not to love about any review of a Mike Myers film that begins like this:

Kids who wonder just who this guy is — and grownups with a merely casual rather than morbidly obsessive interest in pop-culture ephemera — will need some remedial instruction.

Back in the '90s, they should be told, Mr. Myers was without peer in a challenging and intensely competitive pursuit: the manufacture of comical catchphrases that, while not especially funny in themselves, would call forth peals of knowing laughter when repeated out of context.

Now, if you'll excuse me, my obscure prejudices and I are going to pack it in for the evening.

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