Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The unforgiving minute

The Washington Post is taking a beating from decreased circulation, decreased advertising revenue, and the other ills that now plague the newspaper business. Over 100 of the papers 700 staffers, including some marquee names, have taken early retirement buyouts, and executive editor Leonard Downie is widely assumed to be facing the axe.

Nevertheless, a memo to the remaining employees from Downie and the managing editor promised that the Post will "remain engaged in impactful journalism."

Really--engaged in impactful journalism?


If the Post is charting its future in terms of words that aren't even real words, perhaps it really is for the best that they're, uhm, thinning the herd a little.

(And if defenders want to point out that advertising people use the word all the time, you're only making my position easier to maintain.)

Minute's up.

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