Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday afternoon toons: Special "Used to be Called 'Decoration Day'" Edition

Before it evolved into the holiday we know in the US as the last opportunity to get fantastic prices on mattresses and box springs until the Fourth of July, tomorrow's holiday was called Decoration Day. On that day, family members and communities brought flowers to the graves of those who'd died in the Civil War. Following WWI (although of course they optimistically called it "The Great War," not yet realizing they'd have to start numbering them like Super Bowls or Chicago albums) the holiday was renamed and expanded to include all US wars and military actions (my parents and grandparents still called it "Decoration Day.") It was a windfall for the floral industry, if nothing else.

Let's start with the toon round-up from Daryl Cagle, featuring Memorial Day tributes by Bob Englehart, Mike Lane, and Joe Heller.

Special p3 Decoration Day Decoration goes to Dana Summers.

On other matters in the Tooniverse, the topics range from McCain dissing Obama on foreign policy, Hillary's latest "oh no she didn't go there" moment, Bush pleading with the Saudis to drop oil prices, and McCain's problem putting distance between himself and Mister Unpopularity.

p3 Picks of the Week: R. J. Matson, Daryl Cagle, Jimmy Margulies, Mike Thompson, Steve Breen, and special guest pick Pat Oliphant.

p3 Citation for Hometown Boy Pushing One of Our Favorite Buttons goes to Jack Ohman.

p3 Citation for Harmonic Toon Convergence goes to Gary Brookins, and Dana Summers.

Ann Telnaes looks at that lovable pair of 60s-surviving fake-hippies. (Good lord--does this mean John McCain is Chastity?)

Are drugs a crutch for people who can't handle toons? Opus ponders the transcendental question. It's a tad "meta," as we bloggers like to say, so perhaps it'll make more sense if you review last week's strip first. Perhaps. (Salon Premium.)

The K Chronicles celebrates the longest 90 feet.

To celebrate the arrival of season 1 of the insufficiently appreciated scifi classic "Babylon 5" in hulu (including the 2-hour pilot "The Gathering," although it's the Stewart Copeland remix, not the original Tangerine Dream soundtrack), p3 proudly presents Michael Garibaldi's second favorite thing in the whole universe:

p3 Bonus Toon: Jesse Springer hears the distant chirping of crickets (click to enlarge):

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