Thursday, May 22, 2008

Question Time for the president

One of the problems ailing America today is that it is run by elected officials who, by and large, speak mush. Wait around for a clear, active-voice, jargon-free, logically consistent statement on anything, and you could be waiting a long time indeed.

At last week's Drinking Liberally, some of the DL brain trust was mulling over the advantages of Britain's "Question Time," in which the Prime Minister stands before Parliament every Friday and answers questions about policy and decisions.

It's distinctly possible that the practice, if it could be imported to the States, might lead to a lot more single-term presidencies, starting with the Current Officeholder. Of course, at present our political system in no way selects for people who can give short, clear, witty statements--quite the opposite, in fact.

The topic has come up over at The American Prospect's blog--check it out, including the comments.

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