Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Get to bed early on NC/IN primary night

One indisputably good thing to come out of the amazingly long Democratic primary process: Patterns are beginning to emerge and stabilize. By learning to recognize and work with these patterns, the politely-interested observer can pack it in at a reasonable hour tonight rather than wait till the wee hours for the cable TV experts to read the tea leaves.

So, to allow you to experience tonight's primary returns as efficiently and painlessly as possible (which, arguably, is to say to not experience them at all):

The overall story arc, courtesy of Al Giordano, covering every obligatory move from both campaigns and the media, from dawn until late tonight or early tomorrow.

The 20 sentences you're most likely to hear uttered by cable commentators, provided by Time's Mark Halperin.

(If only Halperin had offered up four more, so that--with 24 squares and a free square--truly dedicated political junkies would be able to play Democratic Primary Coverage Bingo.)

Between the two, there's really not a lot to be gained by actually watching the returns.

If you don't want to use the extra time tonight to get some extra sleep, you can at least watch Reaper.

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