Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sunday morning toons

This week's p3 guide to all that is toonish starts with Daryl Cagle's cartoon round up, where there's lots of nutty papal goodness inside the chocolate covering.

p3 Picks of the Week Sandy Huffaker, John Trever, John Darkow, Patrick Chapatte, Thomas Boldt, and Rob Rogers.

The p3 Silver Medal for Film Reference goes to R. J. Matson, who would have brought home the gold except that "Deliverance" was set in West Virginia.

Bob Englehart gets off a good shot at John McCain's poor excuse for an energy plan, but he also does an intriguing--even disturbing--rendering of the McCain likeness. You tell me: Does Englehart's puffy, beady-eyed McCain not resemble the most harmless thing--something we loved from our childhood--something that could never ever possibly destroy us? And has that been McCain's cunning plan all along?

(p3 Extra Credit Question: Ann Telnaes' McCain looks more like the equally unthreatening Percy Helton. Discuss.)

And speaking of whom, this week Ann Telnaes gives Junior's climate change policies the bird.

Lucky Opus: This week he joins the national conversation. (Salon Premium)

I'm officially declaring this week to be p3 Right Wing Surveillance Week: First the Village Voice published a guide to ten right-wing blogs that have, shall we say, floated to the top. And now, by good luck, this week Battochio has posted his super-sized Right Wing Cartoon Watch #29, your guide through the thickets of authoritarians struggling to be irreverent. Indispensable reading for the politically aware toonophile.

p3 Bonus Toon: This week Jesse Springer reveals the one harvest left for Pacific Northwest salmon fishers to go after. (Click to enlarge.)

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