Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Kevin Bacon Principle run amok

This afternoon I received an invitation to become "friends" with someone at CityIN.com, a social networking site that just launched in China. (That was news to me; I hadn't heard of it until I received the email--in which the only things in the Latin alphabet that my Foxfire browser was able to display were their URL, my name, and a link to their invitation page --and did a Google check.)

Since I'm pretty certain I don't know the person behind the invitation (and even if I did, my browser can't render the page so I wouldn't know which link to click to accept anyway), I'm going to pass up this opportunity. I get an invitation from someone via MySpace every now and then that's obviously just harvesting friends, and I treat them like the rest of the spam that slips through the filter. My would-be CityIN friend gets to join them.

But peculiar things do happen in an increasingly networked world, don't they?

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