Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bush popularity: "Like they just snapped."

Amazing as it seems, even something as huge as the post-9/11 bump that Bush's approval ratings got doesn't last long in the hands of an idiot.

For maximum effect on each set of polling results, start at the beginning (early 2001) then scroll upward.

p3 Polling Analyst Doctor Beyond also notes that, with the exception of pre-9/11 numbers on the USA Today/Gallup polling, the "Undecided" numbers were remarkably stable throughout. This not only means that few people, fans or haters, were in much doubt about how they felt about Bush; it also suggests that, as approval ratings steadily soured over the next several years, people didn't spend much time in the "Undecided" column on their way from "Approval" to "Disapproval." They jumped pretty quickly and directly, without a lengthy psychological process where approval began to soften a little, then slip, then slip some more, until it finally became slight disapproval, etc.

As Doctor Beyond writes, "It's like they just snapped."

The history of the Bush presidency: Every month since October, 2001, more and more people have just snapped.

So, contrary to what you might think about the 26-28% who still approve of Bush's performance, perhaps they haven't snapped. We're all just waiting for them to.

(Hat tip to James.)

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