Sunday, March 30, 2008

Memo to Gore: A truly dreadful idea

Telegraph (UK) headline: Senior Democrats mull Al Gore's nomination.

This is a truly dreadful idea. "Senior figures and aides to the former vice-president" clearly have more free time than good sense.

Apart from all the obvious reasons he shouldn't touch this with a ten-foot pole (who really wants to see MoDo party like it's 1999 again?), there's this:

If Gore throws in for the nomination and the general election, his signature issue--global warming--will be ten times the political football it already is. And frankly, I think he can do more for his cause outside of government than inside--the next president will have both Iraq and our imploding economy, plus health care reform, to deal with 24/7 (or, in the event of a Republican victory, to ignore and deny 24/7, which would be at least as much work). Becoming POTUS would mean a net reduction in Gore's ability to work for global warming change.

Memo to the League of Tub-Thumpers for Gore: Let him keep focused where he can do the most good. Let him play his superdelegate role--with Bill Clinton all-in for Hillary's presidential campaign, Gore is emerging as the de facto leader of the Democratic Party anyway--and then get back to his environmental evangelism.

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