Monday, March 10, 2008

Dean in the Heart of Dixie

Is the Alabama Republican Party willing to sign a pledge promising that none of the money it raises will be used to promote the conservative policies of George Bush?

I raise the question because of an email that the ALGOP sent out today (courtesy of p3 correspondent Doctor Beyond):

Howard Dean to raise Alabama Dollars for Liberal Causes?

Birmingham – Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean and the liberals a preparing to swoop into the state tomorrow and raise money to promote the Democratic Party and its platform. The Alabama Republican Party asks if Dean and the Democrats will commit to not using Alabama money for pro-abortion, anti-gun, pro-illegal immigration and pro-gay marriage causes.

Rep. Mike Hubbard, Chairman, ALGOP stated, “The majority of the tax payers in Alabama have a much different value system than the far left lead by Chairman Dean and Nancy Pelosi.”

“Using Alabama dollars to promote these liberal ideals would be a slap in the face to the people of the state,” Hubbard said.

"It illustrates just how out of ideas and spin these people must be," wrote Doctor B, adding:

We in Alabama have finally have a majority that disapproves of GWB (51-44). Except whites, those over 55 and Republicans (and isn't "white, over 55" the operational definition of the Republican party?) every other breakout group disapproves of Bush.

So, fair is fair--wouldn't the ALGOP naturally want to forswear supporting any political positions that offend the value system of a majority of Alabama taxpayers? Like, say, the policies of President Nineteen Percent?

The Alabama GOP: Protecting the good people of the Yellowhammer State from ideas they might agree with since 1964.TM

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Chuck Butcher said...

Ahhahahaha, you gotta love it. Algop al da time