Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What we learned from Rush

(A continuing p3 feature:)

Background: The betting line seems to be shifting (and taking with it Oregon's chance that its May 20th primary will actually matter, alas).

Two weeks ago, the story was that Hillary and Obama were so close on delegate counts that the convention might be brokered. Now the emerging story is that, if Obama can take Ohio and Texas (and in the emerging story he appears positioned to do so), he'll have the nomination.

Doctor Beyond, who listens to Rush and Sean and Glenn and the rest so that you and I don't have to (for which I'm eternally grateful), brings us this morning's edition of What I Learned from Rush:

Soon--or at the convention, at the latest--Hillary Clinton will begin working to become the VP candidate for Barack Obama. She will do this so that as VP she can undermine his presidency and get him impeached.

Right-wing radio: Not just reporting the facts; they're long-gone, not even waiting for the facts to catch up.

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