Monday, February 4, 2008

Torture and the GOP: Where there is any doubt, there is no doubt

After waffling on the subject during his confirmation hearings, AG Mukasey surprised few people by waffling again last week in Senate testimony on the legality of torture.

There is no doubt: It's happening, it's illegal, he knows it, and he's going to provide cover for it in Congress anyway.

Digby watches this disgraceful spectacle and reflects:

Ask yourself what kind of political movement and party can induce a highly respected former federal judge to publicly destroy his reputation and his soul to justify torture? Are those the kind of people who give up?

Their president is so unpopular his name cannot be spoken, even by fellow Republicans, and they've lost control of both branches of Congress. But have they backed off even one iota on their single-minded pursuit of tax cuts/privatization/crippling of regulation and oversight/the "unitary executive"/surveillance and torture/discretionary war?

Of course not.

For the Republican Party as it currently stands, minority and lame duck status is simply continuation of the same war by other means.

(Remember that the next time "bipartisanship" comes up in conversation. While you're at it, remember this, too [Salon Premium].)

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