Friday, February 8, 2008

Today is the first day of the rest of the campaign

Actually, Wednesday was.

And Mitt Romney was right about this one thing: For all practical purposes, the day he dropped out of the race, making McCain the presumptive GOP nominee, the general campaign started. That's true even while we wait for Obama and Clinton to sort things out (which may take even longer than either side hoped).

So with that in mind, let the games begin.

Here are two wickedly funny, spot-on videos created by Robert Greenwald and Brave New Films:

May the day come soon when Joe Scarborough regrets that the phrase "less jobs, more war" ever came out of his mouth in discussing McCain--that meme should be super-glued to the Straight-Talker's forehead for the next nine months.

And it's not a moment too soon--yesterday would have been better--to start working on all those anti-war voters who are inexplicably leaning toward Senator "Hundred Year War," too.

(As an aside: Like the rest of the GOP candidates, McCain has been struggling to cast himself in Ronald Reagan's image. I'll give him this much credit: When I see all the anti-war voters who say they like McCain, and think about what he would do once their votes helped elect him, I'm reminded of all the union, blue-collar, and family-farm workers who voted for Reagan in 1980. They realized pretty quickly that they'd been used--know anyone in the Air Traffic Controllers union? And it wouldn't take long for President McCain to sell out any peaceniks who unwisely fell for his line--probably about five seconds after his hand came off the bible at his inauguration.)

Brave New Films is raising money to get these videos maximum exposure. If you don't have any cash around, at least help make sure as many people see the clips online as possible.

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