Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday evening toons

The toon theme of the week at Daryl Cagle's site, for better or worse, is the gone but scarcely lamented New Hampshire primary. If this isn't the best selection of toons we've ever passed on--and it isn't; it's way, way, too Hillary-centric for one thing--remember that this is all they had to work with.

Still, I've carefully sorted through the bowl, picking the cashews out for you and leaving the Spanish peanuts behind. Don't thank me; it's what I do.

p3 Picks of the Week: Jerry Holbert, Ed Stein, Gary Markstein, and Robert Ariail.

The p3 Croix de Guerre goes to Rob Rogers, for taking out Iowans, New Hampshireites, and pollsters all in one stroke of his pen.

The p3 Award for Oddest Direction to Come at a Joke (with clusters) goes to R. J. Matson.

Ann Telnaes re-examines the notion of original sin.

Picking up the thread from last week's strip, Opus, that imperfect son of America, re-learns an age-old lesson: If we don't speak up when they come for the others, there'll be no one to speak up for the walrus-angel believers.

The Comics Curmudgeon dares to think the unthinkable--it's perhaps the only scenario that could liven up a strip so dull the Oregonian banished it to the classifieds with Judge Parker some time ago.

p3 Bonus Toon: Jesse Springer puts Oregon on the couch:

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