Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sunday morning toons: Special Holiday Close-Out Edition

Daryl Cagle brings us this week's toon round-up

p3 Picks of the Week: Mike Lester and Eric Allie.

p3 Christmas in Iraq Specials: Michael Kountouris and Paul Combs.

This week's p3 Exceptional Mention for Taking a Possibly Funny Punchline and Spoiling It by Making It Much, Much Too Long and Thereby Killing Any Sense of Timing the Joke Might Have Had Award goes to Jeff Parker and Larry Wright.

Ann Telneas has a lump of coal for Nancy Pelosi's Christmas stocking.

Where can a fellow take his bald-faced baloney this holiday season? Opus knows.

Earlier this week, Non Sequitur had a gem. I still don't completely get why tthe little girl has a talking pony, but little moments like this one make the strip worth keeping track of.

p3 Bonus Toon: Jessie Springer solves the riddle of the "waddling bandit" (click to enlarge):

(For background, and an alternate theory of the crime, see the update here.)

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