Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Beast's 2007 Most Loathsome List

Now here's a lovely end-of-year tradition: The Top-50 Most Loathsome People of 2007, from The Beast.

You can--and most definitely should--read the whole thing, but this is my Cliff Notes introduction to it:

p3 Favorites (7-way tie): #49. Trent Lott; #32 The Founding Fathers; #29 Dinesh D'Souza; #5 Nancy Pelosi & Harry Reid; #4 Seung-Hui Cho; #3 Fred Phelps; #1 George W. Bush

Truth is too kind: #48 Carson Daly

Cruelest, yet most-deserved line (5-way tie):
#45 David Gregory: "Starchier than a peep booth wastebasket;"
#15 Michael Ledeen: "Hirsute and cockeyed, he still looks like he sleeps in his car;"
#13 Ann Coulter: "If Coulter were a man, she'd never be allowed on TV;"
#10 Alberto Gonzales: "His testimony before congressional committees is to public service what cholera is to the small intestine. As first Hispanic Attorney General, Gonzo typifies the self-betrayal and ethical compromise necessary for minorities to become successful Republicans;"
#1 George W. Bush: "Is it a civil rights milestone to have a retarded president?"

Makes Kristen Chenowith look good: #31. Dana Perino

Apt, but its irony is so deeply pitched that even people who agree may want to string them up: # 28. The Troops

For the sentence alone (2-way tie): # 26 William Kristol; #18 Kevin Martin

Best nickname: #21 David Vitter

Best use of "truckling:" #10 Alberto Gonzales

Most painful to read, yet most deserved: #9 You

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