Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sunday morning toons

Daryl Cagle's weekly round-up is here.

p3 Picks of the Week: Daryl Cagle, Steve Sak, Mike Thompson, and Joe Heller.

p3 Special Mention to Jeff Stahler. (As cartoons go, not for the faint-hearted. Be warned.)

Lots of cartoons this week about the price of oil moving steadily toward $100/barrel, although most of them aren't really laugh-out-loud funny--wonder why? p3 Best of Breed goes to Joe Heller, who's on a roll this week.

Your recommended weekly allowance of Ann Telnaes.

Memo to Opus: The "midlife crisis" bit was funny last week, but now you're just getting nasty. (Salon Premium; non-subscribers have to sit through some ads first.)

Special p3 Bonus Toon from Jesse Springer: Adding insult to injury, the triumph of RJ Reynolds and Philip Morris and their $12 million in out-of-state money spent to defeat Measure 50 is now pointed to by Bush as proof that "voters are sick of overspending by Democrats."

Oh yeah. That's what it proves, all right.

Look at this--he's reduced me to heavy sarcasm and italics. Just shoot me now.

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Rob at Kintropy said...

Thanks for the editorial cartoon round up. I hadn't seen the Poster Child (Measure 50) one yet. Ugh!