Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sunday morning (just barely) toons

Here's this week's toon roundup via Daryl Cagle, who helps us imagine the concept of vegan Thanksgiving taken to its logical and ethical, if somewhat gelatinous, conclusion.

The p3 Pilgrim's Pride Award goes to Pat Bagley, Mike Keefe, Bob Englehart, Monte Wolverton, Jimmy Margulies, and Angel Boligan.

p3 Special Mention to Steve Benson.

Ann Telnaes reminds us to give thanks this season to Three-Dollar George and his pal, Vice-President C-Note.

Opus creator Berke Breathed gives J.K. Rawlings the pasting she deserves, but be advised--you'll never look at a certain generously-proportioned little fellow the same way again. As for the Sean Connery part, heaven only knows. (It's Salon Premium; non-subscribers will see some ads first.)

And finally, this vintage Warner Bros. morsel, reminding us that even on a day of thanksgiving and sharing, it's all about the food chain, baby:

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