Friday, November 30, 2007

"The Pork To Eat When You're Eating It Tepid"[tm] loses another round

Spam (the Hormel product, not the dubious gelatinous product that clogs up your inbox) received a setback this week (emphasis in original):

Hormel, of course, is the maker of SPAM, the meat-like substance. It's had something of a love-hate affair with the use of the word "spam" for email, originally hating it, but later growing to kind of accept it. However, every once in a while it throws up a random trademark lawsuit. Once again, though, a judge has ruled that Hormel's trademark "does not extend to computer software for filtering spam." One would have thought that was obvious from way back when, and especially after it started losing cases on that point -- but, apparently it just couldn't resist the salty taste of yet another failed lawsuit.

And if Hormel's lawyers couldn't seal the legal deal with unsolicited commercial bulk email, one imagines they won't get any farther trying to squelch this:

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