Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy thanksgiving

Here, for your tryptophan-mellowed enjoyment, is one of the funniest moments in sitcom history (probably the funniest moment if we limit the field only to Thanksgiving-related entries):

p3 is especially pleased to present this clip, since it was taken down from YouTube a few months ago, apparently at the request of the copyright holders. Someone put another copy back up, and we owe that person a debt of gratitude. (Note: I might have that wrong, and this could be the same clip I located several months ago. I just tested it again and got a message that the clip was no longer available. But I refreshed my browser screen and it worked fine. If you have trouble viewing the clip, try that.)

(Copyright and "WKRP in Cincinnati" have not gotten along well this year. Here's a pretty good reason not to buy the DVD collection. Note that the original music--Joe Cocker, no less--is featured on the clip.)

Enjoy the day. (Here's what I'll be doing--can't wait to try the brie mashed potatoes. Mmm-mmm!)

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