Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Kos poll: How firm is your support?

It's sort of gratifying, after years of feeling like I was on the wrong end of almost every vote, to find myself at least among the winning plurality of something (click to enlarge):

That's where I am right now (shortly before 5pm, Pacific time). Most of the Democratic candidates interest me for one reason or another. I haven't settled, but then I don't have to. Arguably, I never have to: The nomination won't be decided until late February/early March--and that's over 2 months before we Oregonians cast our meaningless Democratic primary vote.

Certainly, we're in an envious position compared to the Republican voters, who can be divided into two camps: The voters who believe that if their favorite candidate isn't elected the universe will explode, and the voters who are desperately praying that someone good will finally appear.

Anyway, chip in--if you have a fave, or if you don't, go vote on the Kos poll.

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