Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunday morning toons

Cagle brings you this week's round-up.

p3 Picks of the week: R. J. Matson, Bob Englehart, John Darkow, Cam Cardow, Steve Benson, (Special p3 Mention for Creepiness: Mike Lester.)

Opus asks: Have you kissed a number-cruncher lately? (Salon Premium: sitting through some ads is required for non-subscribers.)

Special p3 bonus toon: Jesse Springer forwards this:

NEWS ITEM: The EPA has taken two years to decide whether to grant California (and by association Oregon, Washington and other states) the required waiver to put in place tailpipe emissions standards that are tougher than federal standards. The EPA says that although it will take time to read each of the 100,000 public comments they have received, they think they can give an answer by the end of this year.

Ah, yes. Visualize it.

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Thomas Ware said...

Looks remarkably like Mr. Magoo.