Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The go-to guy

Funny how, whenever conservatives need to deny that they're racists, it always seems to be Juan Williams that they pick for the interview.

President Bush, leader of the party that invented and perfected the Southern Strategy, knows who to call:
The White House reached out to National Public Radio over the weekend, offering analyst Juan Williams a presidential interview to mark yesterday's 50th anniversary of school desegregation in Little Rock.

But NPR turned down the interview, and Williams's talk with Bush wound up in a very different media venue: Fox News.

Williams said yesterday he was "stunned" by NPR's decision.

And when he figures out that he's in hot water for expressing surprise that restaurant-goers in Harlem act pretty much like restaurant-goers everywhere, so does Bill O'Reilly:
Later, while discussing the issue with Fox News contributor Juan Williams, O'Reilly added: "CNN knew this was distorted, knew what they were doing was wrong, because we told them -- and put it on anyway. So, now what you have is CNN has joined NBC News in parroting far-left propaganda in an attempt to destroy me and the Fox News Channel and to deceive their viewers."

On the up-side, it's steady work for Williams.

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