Friday, August 17, 2007

We aim to serve

Tomorrow the Tour de Fat comes back through Portland. Check out--or join!--the parade of fat bikes, skinny bikes, pimped out bikes, clown bikes, and whatnot, making the circuit of downtown beginning at 11am, meeting at Waterfront Park at the north side of the Hawthorne Bridge.

It looks a lot like this--actually, it looks exactly like that.

It's a great deal--New Belgium Brewery donates the beer, and every cent of beer sales goes straight to the Bicycle Transportation Alliance (barely rested up after helping pull off the Bridge Pedal last weekend) and the Portland United Mountain Peddlers.

The traveling organizer who makes it all happen is Commander Chris. His job is to tour with the band and magicians and circus performers and kegs and kegs and more kegs of beer. Chris takes his mountain bike with him on the tour and gets off-road miles in wherever the tour stops, all over the western US. He gets to wear a cheesy super hero costume. And he gets paid for it. He is thus, by the way such things are usually reckoned, a god.

And if that isn't enough to lure you down to the waterfront tomorrow, your humble narrator will be serving beer at the beer tent later in the afternoon. Take whatever measures seem appropriate.

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