Thursday, August 2, 2007

DL @ LL, 7pm

The Portland chapter of Drinking Liberally (their motto: "Promoting Democracy, One Pint at a Time") meets tonight at its regular place, the Lucky Labrador Brew Pub, SE 9th and Hawthorne.

Come raise a glass to celebrate the fact that it's only 536 more days until George Bush finally leaves office.

Join us tonight at the Lucky Lab tonight for a great night of politics, conversation, and microbrews.

(And remember: DL encourages everyone to drink, and vote, responsibly.)

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Thomas Ware said...

Our Little Tin Pot is going to dissolve Congress as obstructionist, declare Martial Law, and "postpone" 2008. Not saying it'll work - it is a statistical impossibility to "control" a population this large, this diverse - 'nor that it would necessarily be a bad thing... for Oregon.

Oregon was a Republic, before it was a "state".