Sunday, June 3, 2007

Sunday morning toons

Bob Geiger has the round-up once again.

I've seen mention in the blogosphere of Lukovich's Bush-laying-the-wreath cartoon as a says-it-all moment, and I like his work, but I think frequent p3 favorite Ann Telnaes leaves him in the dust this week. Simple, elegant, wicked. See what you think.

Local boy Jack Ohman makes it onto Geiger's list again this week, too.

Across town at a competitor to Ohman's employer, the Trib ran this great piece by Eugene cartoonist Jesse Springer. (Click image to enlarge.) This is the kind you tear out of the paper and carry in your wallet so you won't forget to blog about it (or at least it's the kind I do):

The punchline, upside down at the bottom of the image, is a victim of resolution drop-off so, with permission, I'll spoil it for you: "ANSWER: 5-10 years in the clink!"

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