Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sunday morning toons (Special "how-much- do-you-remember- from-college?" edition)

Bob Geiger has the round-up of this week's political cartoons. The Oregonian's own Jack Ohman scores a hat-trick, of which the first is by far the best. And Nick Anderson handily wins Best in Show this week for his reminder that a foreign policy that can't think beyond six months into the past or future is never going to do terribly well.

And, for something entirely different: First you'll say "Hey, I know that painting!" Then you'll say, "Hm, I think I know that school of painting..." And finally you'll say, "Wow--I don't recognize any of these, but it's so hypnotic...

(Tip of the hat to James the Elder for injecting a little culture around here.)

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