Friday, June 8, 2007

G'Day, Canberra!

Okay, my curiosity is killing me on this one.

Yesterday I got a visit from someone in Australia who found this blog by Googling the phrase "what is the smartest thing in the world."

As it turns out, p3 came up second on that search--which would be some kind of good sign, you'd think. I mean, being tapped so quickly to help identify the smartest thing in the world--well, that puts a fellow squarely in the RAND Corporation zone, doesn't it? It's a résumé-builder.

Unfortunately, Google directed the searcher to, of all things, a post about the smartest thing that Newt Gingrich ever said.

That's like searching for "lightning" and getting a hit on "lightning bug."

To further blunt any sense of accomplishment that might have been associated with the moment, my post turned up only three or four notches above a Slate article about Elvis, the world's smartest cow.

At least I didn't finish up below Elvis, I suppose. There's that.

So, Canberra, if you're out there--what were you looking for? Did you find it? Did my Newt Gingrich story help at all?

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