Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bush to 27 million Americans (and counting): Drop dead.

(Updated below.)

President Bush, who probably still can't tell you what a blastocyst is, today vetoed a bill that would have increased federal support for stem cell research--thus returning to the scene of his very first ever presidential veto last year.

Well. Let's add up some number on the back of the old envelope, shall we?
21 million Americans with Diabetes
1 million Americans with Parkinson's Disease
5 million Americans with Alzheimer's Disease

So in round numbers, let's call it 27 million Americans (not counting the many who are going to be at risk in the next few years while this opportunity is being pissed away) for whom some of the most promising research toward a cure will go largely unfunded in this country.

Remember when America led the world in things like that?

And all for the sake of that hollow little man in the Oval Office and his ever-dwindling band of supporters, enablers, and fixers.

So if you, or a loved one, have one of these medical conditions, or your medical history says you're likely to face it in the years to come, George Bush has a message for you.

Want to guess what it is?

As John at Americablog notes, it appears the remainder of Mr. Uniter-not-a-Divider's term in office is going to be devoted to "saying no" to the Democrats, regardless of the specifics, regardless of the cost to Americans.

It's all he's got.

(Updated 6/21/07: And the Oregon House Republicans don't have anything more to show for themselves, either.)

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