Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Great line of the day: Conservative nobility

(Updated below.)

From Hunter at Daily KOS, comes this gem, tossed out so effortlessly it's made to look easy:

Reagan succeeded in bringing the hard-right conservatives back into power, allowing them freer rein than Nixon himself ever did, and Reagan even managed to eclipse Nixon in the very, very important conservative presidential duty of doing something completely frigging illegal, extraconstitutional, and blasphemous against the very concept of America, giving seed to a new crop of conservative felons and near-felons to be worshiped as martyrs by the far right.

Nixon provided the movement with G. Gordon Liddy; Reagan gave us Oliver North. You can find them both, along with others, on Fox News and other conservative outlets to this day, neatly packaged reformed crooks, which in conservatism passes for nobility.

Update: Digby and Greenwald have more to say on the extent to which integrity, as practice or even as concept, is spiraling downward across the board for all branches of conservatism today.

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