Sunday, May 20, 2007

Fight fiercely, Harvard!

Honestly, could Tom Lehrer himself have scripted this much better?

From the Harvard Crimson:

Fifty-six members of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales' graduating class at Harvard Law School signed a quarter-page open letter in yesterday's Washington Post excoriating their former classmate for his "cavalier handling of our freedoms."

The letter stops short of calling for Gonzales's resignation, even as the attorney general comes under rising heat on Capitol Hill. But it is a stinging rebuke to Gonzales, just two weeks after the Law School Class of 1982's 25th reunion. [...]

Though the letter criticized the attorney general's views towards domestic wire-tapping and torture, the signatories insisted that it was not intended to be a personal attack against Gonzales.

"I'm sure he is a very fine fellow, but it's really troubling what he is standing for and what the administration of George W. Bush is standing for," Winn said. "We couldn't stand by this any longer."

They find his pursuit of domestic wire-tapping and torture "troubling," but are "sure he's a very fine fellow." And heaven forbid they call for his resignation--those fellows must be keenly aware of how difficult it is today to land a good job.

My graduating class should be as rough on me if my time ever comes.

Honestly, can't you picture Niles and Frasier, sitting in overstuffed leather chairs at the club, drafting that letter over snifters of brandy?

Sing it with me, alums:
Let's try not to injure them,
But fight! Fight! Fight!
(Let's not be rough, though!)
Fight! Fight! Fight!
(And do fight fiercely!)
Fight! Fight! Fight!

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