Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Digital Politics forum tonight

How do you get information about political matters? How do you participate in politics and causes?

And more to the point, how has the technology behind that changed your answers in the last ten years? And where will it take American politics from here?

That's the general theme of a fascinating panel discussion at tonight's open-to-the-public Digital Politics forum. It's jointly sponsored by the The Bus Project, The Portland Mercury, and Loaded Orygun.

The details (mainly lifted, without remorse, from the latest Mandate Media announcement--if they didn't want me doing this, they shouldn't keep me on their mailing list):
Moderated by David Sirota; the author of Hostile Takeover, adviser to Governor Brian Schweitzer (D-MT), Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), US Senate candidate Ned Lamont.

The panel will include:

David Goldstein, top blogger at Washington's HorsesAss.org and radio talker at KIRO-FM.

Anna Galland, from MoveOn.org.

Amy Jenniges Ruiz, from the Portland Mercury.

Rick Ray, from Onward Oregon and the Archimedes Movement.

Kari Chisholm from Mandate Mediawho also blogs at BlueOregon.

Location: Acme Food and Drink, SE 8th and Main. 7pm. See you there.

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