Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Senator DeFazio, we hardly knew ye

There's a reason they're called "long shots," and the high-visibility, high-wattage, hi-and-bye arc of the Draft DeFazio movement, in which I had a walk-on role, is a case in point.

(What can I say--it's not the first time I've backed a cause with poor odds: In 1935, I ran guns to Ethiopia, and in 1936 I fought in Spain on the loyalist side. True, I was well-paid for my efforts, but, as a dinner companion once pointed out to me, the winning side would have paid much better.)

Over at Loaded Oregon Orygun, the spell-checker busting blog where the whole thing began, they've spoken last rites over the effort. In particular, they focus on the positives:
  • Draft DeFazio created a nationwide buzz for progressive politics in Oregon.
  • It put more heat on Smith, probably sooner than he wanted/expected.
  • It advertised Smith's vulnerability.
  • It got people active and involved by contributing, distributing fliers, blogging, and word-of-mouth (including some that weren't active before)
  • It certainly created national/statewide momentum that was there for both Novick and DPO to tap into.
  • And we raised some bucks for Pete.

Hard to argue with that. And hats off to TJ and Carla for making the whole thing happen. Those 17 days made a difference, both here in Oregon and in the progressive world beyond our borders.

I'll be happy to vote for whoever the DPO puts against Smith in 2008; any name that's been bandied about so far is already a great improvement over the current holder of the junior Senator position.

Still, I can't let this go without pointing to the message from which this excerpt is drawn:
Given my long record of vocal opposition to this war, I've been asked why I voted Friday to support the emergency supplemental spending bill that includes funds for troops in Iraq.

For the first time since the war began four years ago - and less than three months since the change in control of Congress - Democrats are beginning to impose accountability on the Bush administration's open-ended commitment of American troops and treasure to Iraq. Put simply, this bill will end the war. It sets a binding deadline to bring our troops home.

I sure would have liked the chance to vote for the guy who said that.


Torrid said...

nice of you to be so nice...but who runs that blog you call "Loaded Oregon?" I've never heard of it, personally...


Nothstine said...

Hah! I had to stare at your note for about a minute to get the point. Okay fine. Spell it your way.