Thursday, April 19, 2007

Alberto's tell

Between getting ready for work and coming in on the MAX, I listened to about 90 minutes (not counting going through the Sylvan Tunnel) of Gonzales's testimony this morning.

I've decided that the way you know he's been asked a question he feels confident and ready for is that he begins his answer, "Senator, I think that's a fair question . . . "

(The questions for which he doesn't feel prepared and confident--and there are many--are, by inference, low-down cheap shots.)

If you're in an open-minded workplace, you can listen to the live stream here (click the Listen Live button on the left--ugly redesign of the site, guys). And the video is streaming on C-SPAN 3, for those who live in heaven.

If you're not, they're live-blogging it over at FDL. It's worth the trip just for the picture.

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