Saturday, March 10, 2007

Two years ago in p3

I was musing on why some people always seem to get the cool jobs:

[R]ight-wing pollster and brand advisor Frank Luntz put the word out: Drop the word privatization and all its variants. Henceforth, the GOP-approved locution would be the poll-tested-as-warmer-and-fuzzier personal accounts. The death of Social Security, but with a human face, if you will.[...]

Honestly, I confess that, deep inside, I’m a little envious. I mean, how great a job would that be--sending out memos all day saying, Henceforth, we shall only refer to A as B? Even though I’m burdened by a moral compass, I nevertheless believe I could do Luntz’s job.

I'm a little disappointed, though, to admit that I didn't succeed in my secret plan, which was to generate a little buzz for the word "expondrigate."

To no avail.

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