Saturday, March 24, 2007

Save the blastocysts!

Molly Ivins famously wrote:
Good thing we've still got politics in Texas -- finest form of free entertainment ever invented.

Which brings us in short order to this item from Culturekitchen:
Under [Texas State Sen. Dan] Patrick's SB 1567, AKA the Texas Baby Purchasing Act of 2007, women would qualify for a $500 payment from the state within 60 days of signing away all parental rights to their newborn children.

If Patrick gets his way, childbearing in the service of the state won't be just creepy Handmaid's Tale fiction anymore. How's that for some moral family values?

I passed this story on to longtime p3 correspondent James the Elder, a man with an on-again-off-again relationship to the great state of Texas himself, who wrote back, "Molly made a living laughing at them. Fighting them but laughing mostly. Can you imagine the column this would have generated?"

JtE is right, of course. And this was the second conversation I'd had today about the big Molly-shaped gap left in the world these days.

Still, it's not like the slack isn't being picked up out there. The grinning redhead has fallen, but (among others) the General continues to probe the weaknesses of the right with his bayonet.

Quoting only a part would be hopeless; just go read the whole thing. And ponder this point: If the General is right, perhaps that's why they call it the Lone Star State?

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