Tuesday, February 6, 2007

I already gave

I know, I know--when membership drive week rolls around, as it so often seems to do on my local listner/viewer-supported station, I should give until it hurts. Even if I'm already a member and my subscription doesn't run out until next fall. At least I could give until it hurt, say, the next guy.

A couple of years ago, Oregon Public Broadcasting did what I thought was a very clever thing: They announced that the pledge drive wouldn't start for a few more days, but they would take pledges starting right then. No premium gifts, as I recall, but no interruptions, either. The more money they raised during that "stealth" part of the drive, the less time they would take up with pledge breaks once the drive had "officially" started. I'd like to think it was a wildly successful strategy, although as it turns out they did it when my own membership wasn't close to renewal, so--well, you get the picture. And as far as I know they haven't tried it again.

Longtime p3 supporter and indispensable reference source The Movie Guy actually goes into the studio and does that pledge break banter himself at his local station. I admire that. Although he's never mentioned whether he donates before his annual renewal comes up.

I once felt so strongly about this that I proposed legislation to handle the problem. Now I mostly sit back and wait for my membership term to run out.

Please don't tell Bill Moyers.

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