Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Conspiracy deficit

Right-wing Media Research Center (because the rightward tilt of the corporate media is always and everywhere under attack by communists and damned dirty hippies) offers up its 19th annual awards for what it considers the year's worst reporting.

In the Tin Foil Hat category for Crazy Conspiracy Theories, the winner--winner, mind you, meaning the rest weren't as good--is a 2006 CBS Evening News piece blandly mentioning the coincidence of Republicans with a fall election coming up and lower gas prices all over America.

That's it?? There are people out there right now claiming that the Condi-Dubya-Laura love triangle is ruining the Bush marriage, that Bush is planning to attack Iran to divert attention from having attacked Iraq, and that Cheney and bin Laden seem to have the same set of foreign policy talking points--and yet the silliest sounding theory they can pin on their political enemies to mock somehow involves Katie Couric (and anything)?

Ten years ago, these were the people claiming that Vince Foster was murdered to conceal his broken-off sexual relationship with Hilary Clinton whose husband Bill was a drug kingpin.

(Tip of the hat to Doctor Beyond, who asks, "Is this really the best they can do? I think the results of the last election has knocked the wind out of them. They weren't even trying.")

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