Sunday, February 18, 2007


I've been putting off the task of updating my bloglist for some time--too long really-- because I originally figured that it would be part of the annual site redesign, which hasn't happened yet, either.

Time to turn and face the strain.

Out: Billmon's Whiskey Bar [no link]
In: Chris Bower's MyDD
The scoop: Losing the Whiskey Bar kills me, but the signs were obvious before the election that he was going to bail. Perhaps he'll be back one day; it's happened before. Meanwhile, his URL is unavailable. In his place is the venerable (in blog terms) MyDD, which should have been there all along anyway.

Out: DC Media Girl
In: She Flies With Her Own Wings
The scoop: DC Media Girl came recommended by James Wolcott and cranked out good stuff for quite a little stretch, but like the Whiskey Bar, her site has gone dark since early January. In her place goes She Flies With Her Own Wings a nice blend of lefty politics and science geekiness.

Out: Democracy Arsenal
In: Robert Reich's Blog
The scoop: I've been reading Democracy Arsenal less for the last couple of years because, although I like much of their take on security/military/foreign policy issues, my own view on almost all those issues is increasingly filtered through a political lens: less about proliferation abroad, more about vote-counting at home. Also, I'm thinking more about economic progressivism these days. So in their place I'm bringing in one of my secret faves, former Clinton labor secretary Robert Reich.

Plus some new links that get in without bumping anyone off the list--they're just that darned good:

Jesus' General
The scoop:"An 11 on the manly scale of absolute gender." Enough said.

Crooks and Liars
The scoop: If founder John Amato got a tenth of a cent every time some blogger writes "We'll have the transcript [or video clip] for you as soon as it's up on Crooks and Liars," he'd be a very wealthy fellow.

The Poorman Institute
The scoop:Smacked down Camille Paglia within 11 minutes of her return to Salon last week. Eternal vigilance is the price they pay for us.

The Onion
The scoop:Once given away free with campus pizza deliveries in Madison, WI, The Onion ("America's Finest News Source"--a little like calling Velveeta "processed cheese food") were laboring in the trenches of satire when Spy Magazine was long gone and Craig Ferguson was still doing laddie humor on "The Daily Show." They deserve their place at the Big Table of Must-Read.

And finally, a passle of cool Oregonian (or Oregonian-ish) blogs I've been tardy about adding to the list:

Feeling the Space…: Several noteworthy features, but I like the photos best.

Middle Earth Journal: Freelance philosophy, political pamphleteering, and outrage in the Late Bush Era.

Oregon Media Insiders: A fine way to forget about the good old days with Portland Media Insider.

Portland Freelancer: Sells jokes to Leno; gives us commentary for free.

Worldwide Pablo: "Cranky, independent, skeptical," and with an occasional dash of media insiderism.

And for anyone who's wondering, I'm not pulling the link to Molly Ivins' columns, even though she won't be adding more anytime soon.

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