Saturday, January 6, 2007

Simple solutions for simple people

Just thinking out loud, here:

Since what's apparently most important to George Bush is to prove that no one can make him do anything--and since every time someone tries he deliberately, childishly, defiantly does the opposite (next week's anticipated "surge" in troops to Iraq is only the latest example)--maybe those of us who'd like to see an end to the madness are over-thinking things here.

Perhaps all the members of Congress who oppose escalating Bush's failed war--and the majority of the American people who feel the same way, and the wary generals, and the fleeing Republicans facing re-election, and Bush's dad--should mount a political and PR offensive demanding in no uncertain terms that Bush stay and up the stakes in Iraq, and insisting that we will accept nothing else from him.

We could commission a bunch of codgery beltway insiders to report that he should definitely not open diplomatic talks with Iran or Syria.

Talking heads on the Sunday chat shows would knowingly insist that the number of US troops in Iraq should absolutely be doubled at least, maybe even tripled.

Poppa Bush's retainers could leak to reporters that he thinks Junior has no choice but to nuke not only Baghdad, but also Tehran, Damascus, and maybe even Cairo.

(And what the hell--while we're at it, we could even release poll results saying that 88% of Americans strongly believe Bush should be forced to read all their mail before he's allowed to watch TV on a school night.)

For all the armchair analysis of Bush's--uhm, let's call them "issues"--he is, at the core, a pretty simple man. Tell him he's absolutely not allowed to do it, and he might bring us peace in the Middle East by Valentine's Day, just to prove we're not the boss of him.

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