Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sunday afternoon toons

Pat Oliphaunt puts his finger on the the family-drama side of the Iraq debacle. I was expecting someone to get some mileage out of Poppy Bush getting publicly choked up last week at the thought that it could have been Jeb, not Fredo Junior in the White House right now, but apparently nobody wanted to touch that one.

As for the p3 Meme of the Week: Lots of cartoons drew comparisons between the arrival of the Iraq Study Group's report and the arrival of Santa--sometimes the jolly old elf brings you what you want, sometimes not. But there were too many, and too undistinguished, to give them special recognition.

Instead, our Special Recognition this week goes to two artists--Brian Adcock of The Scotlandon Sunday and John Cole of the Scranton Times--for lifting from (or if you prefer, offering an homage to) the works of Gary Larsen.

We like 'em pitched a little deep here at p3.

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