Monday, December 18, 2006

Best Line of 2006: Special Boomer Edition

I gave the Best Line award yesterday to John Aravosis for succinctly capturing what a whipped puppy Colin Powell had become.

I'm hereby adding a new award category honoring best resurrection of a deserving remark from an earlier moment--in this case, if memory serves (and it might not), from the Viet Nam war era.

Les AuCoin, noting Gordon Smith's recent, rather obvious and craven attempt to get the stink of Bush's war off himself (after having enthusiastically both supported it and smeared its opponents), reminds us of Gene McCarthy's observation about politicians like Smith:
Once the real battle is over, they come in and shoot the wounded.

(McCarthy was referring at the time to moderate or "liberal" Republicans--the latter an archaic usage describing an extinct species, but roughly what Smith regularly tries to reposition himself as when election time rolls around.)

AuCoin offers up another delicious description of Smith's about-face--but you'll have to read his post.

McCarthy, poet and political warrior, has long been a p3 favorite.

Hat tip to Loaded Orygun for bringing this gem to our attention.

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