Thursday, December 28, 2006

The 2006 p3 Top-10 Meta-list

From the p3 Institute for Strategic Redundancy Institute international headquarters, this year’s top-10 list of top-10 lists:

Top 11 most outrageous comments by conservative commentators in 2006 (Media Matters): Hannity on things worth dying for! Limabugh on obesity! Colter on love and death!

Top 10 national stories of 2006 (Steve Gilliard @ The News Blog): ISG report--DOA. The Karl Rove mystique--over. Gay Republicans--apparently flourishing, as it turns out, thanks for asking.

Top 10 Myths about Iraq 2006 (Juan Cole @ Informed Comment): Starts with the myth that the Iraq war/occupation is something that we can somehow "win" at this point, and marches steadily and depressingly on through the evidence from there.

Top 10 time-shifted TV programs in 2006 (Nielsen ratings, via Number One is "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip," which may take some of the logistical heat off Lance Mannion if he’s going to keep live-blogging it--now he can simply wait until Wednesday or Thursday to do it.

Top 10 Yahoo! Searches in 2006 (Yahoo!): Here’s a shocker: Iraq, Israel and Lebanon, and the North Korea nuclear program didn’t quite manage to nose out Steve Irwin’s death and Anna Nicole Smith’s baby.

Top 10 places to live in the US in 2006 (Money Magazine): And for those of you outside the state, Oregon is nowhere on the list. Honest. Nothing to see here. Keep moving. Have a lovely visit. Don’t stay.

Top 10 books of 2006 (NYTimes): Comedies of manners, searing memoirs, revisionist histories, and the inevitable, even obligatory allusion to Borat.

Top 10 online scams of 2006 (Consumer Affairs): Approach at your own risk: I wrote about the Nigerian scam last summer, and within a week or two the amount of that crap my email filters were catching went up by an order of magnitude. I’d recommend reading this list on a friend’s computer. You never know.

Top 10 insider political events in Oregon in 2006 (NW Republican): They’re absolutely right to list the rise of the Oregon-based political blog (including Blue Oregon and my cronies over at Loaded Oregon as well as their own blog) near the top. The comments are as juicy as the list.

Top 10 viral videos (The Viral Factory, via Countdown with Keith Olbermann): The enduring clip of Oregon’s exploding whale (350 million hits) is #3, but it probably says more about the ephemeral nature of the overall topic that #10 is already no longer available.

Top 10 signs of the impending US police state (Alternet): Nothing new here, alas, but it's definitely disturbing to see them lined up end-to-end. The Democratic Congress has its work cut out for it. If they’re up to it.

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