Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Pick your favorites (if that's the word we're looking for here)

The Beast has released the annual list of the 50 most loathsome people in America.

My favorites (consider this a meta-list):
  • #28 (No comment needed.)
  • #5 (First sentence is priceless.)
  • #3 (The "Unitarian" line is dead-on--Mark Twain dead-on, even--and, thank goodness, at least it narrowly beat out #4)
(Bonus meta-list: Best sentences: #40, #35, and #2)

Props to Paul at Shakespeare's Sister.

1 comment:

Lance Mannion said...

All the Ring Wing commentators and politicians are no fun to loathe anymore. Doesn't stop me. But it's no fun. And I believe that as a Red Sox fan I'm now religiously bound to loathe Johnny Damon, so that's no fun either, although I will loathe him faithfully.

So I've decided to loathe Mr Number 40, Tom Cruise, just for kicks.